Using The Dialogue Tag of Said

is there some hideous hate on for the use of s/he said in writing? because holy crap, i love fanfic, i do, but damn it, why do people never use the word SAID?!?!

said is one of those dialogue tags that the reader will freaking skip over and not be taken out of the story with. it's a place marker for the person speaking. NO ONE WILL NOTICE IF YOU USE IT, I SWEAR TO GOD. but i promise you, they will notice everything else. here's a random list of phrases i've seen used in place of 'said' in a single story: murmurs, remarks, points out, informs, repeats, hisses, asks, informs, responds, mutters, SAYS GENTLY, chides, etc.

NOT ONCE IS 'SAID' USED. (says gently still has a description! it doesn't count!)

what is this hate against said?!? it's like said has been relegated to the not-cool kid's club or something.

people. for the love of everything. we get that the person is talking. describe their state of mind in their actual dialogue or in a separate action. DON'T TACK IT ONTO THE DIALOGUE TAG!!!

okay, ONCE IN A WHILE it's fine. ask can even be overlooked more often than not. but really, in modern fiction of all genres, said is default. it's not evil, i promise!


/random alcohol-induced rant
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Saw it. Was fucking awesome and mind trippy and I need to see it again like whoa.

Someone needs to write Arthur/Eames fic. All they did was flirt with each other through the movie. Come on people, pony that shit up!

My Writing Weekend So Far

got off early on friday for the holiday. drank my way through a bottle of wine, had jimmy eat world's "gotta be somebody's blues" and bif naked's "lucky" on repeat with a few other songs while i rewrote a difficult part in book two for hours.

my goal is to make someone, somewhere, CRY with those scenes when they get read. eventually. maybe.

spent saturday and sunday hating on the fillmore jazz festival that was RIGHT. OUTSIDE. MY WINDOWS. omg the amount of hate i have for it and the brooklyn circus store knows no bounds.

spent the weekend also doing a line edit on a hardcopy of book two as well. goal this week: finish the edit in the actual document on the computer, print it out and then send it off to dhaunea with chocolate as bribes. and maybe a bag of coffee as well.

thank god i have the day off tomorrow. there were points during the edit where i was like "what the hell was i THINKING when i wrote this sentence?!?"

editing. it's a love-hate relationship, but you gotta do what you gotta do. changing things is part of the process and nothing is set in stone until the damn thing hits the printers. going hand in hand with that, i honestly don't get when people refuse to change their stories, even if it's a tiny detail that would make sense as something else. the first draft is never your best draft. especially if you've been drinking XD

i'm going to go back to watching star trek and then i'm going to read some fanfic. BECAUSE I CAN.
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Random Real Life Publishing Musings

so i'm still waiting for agent boy to get back to me on the contract negotiations. dude, my contract is 28 pages long. it's INSANE. mostly the insanity belongs to the fact that my name is on the same thing that says AUTHOR.

yeah. freaky.

so we all know that when my book actually does get published, i'm gonna be drinking and mourning over the fact that i won't be able to, you know, REWRITE THE SUCKER. i think that's going to be the hardest thing for me to deal with. the bad reviews will probably make me go shit, man, this must be what being a REAL writer feels like. i won't lie, i'll probably be like OMG WHY DID YOU HATE IT?!? TELL ME SO I CAN MAKE IT BETTER! and i'll wish i had the details of what they thought could have been improved. but.

i won't be able to do anything with it. i won't be able to rewrite the book, like i've been doing until i got my agent and my contract and my publishing house.

bring on the reviews. those i can stomach. it's the thought of my story being PERMANENT that scares me.
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i am cross-posting like mad, so sorry if you get this twice. or three times.

i caved and got a twitter. my second job requires more shit than my bill-paying one wtf?

i can be found or followed or whatever at KM_Ruiz

i still hate my picture.

Cenus Report

we got the census report in the mail. as it always happens with government paperwork involving race and me, i got confused.

me: why can't they just have a MUTT category?
dad: you mean they don't have an extraterrestrial check-box?
me: no. but apparently "hispanic" is now an orgin and not a race. our family hasn't set foot in spain in how many generations? DO WE EVEN COUNT? I DON'T SPEAK SPANISH.
dad: just go check your white box and your indian box.
me: you are no help, dad. NO HELP.
dad: fine. here's my suggestion--write "alien" in the other category.
me: ....
dad: *cackles*
me: i get it from you, don't i? the sarcasm comes from mom, but the insanity comes from you.

i'd like to note, just for the record, that he didn't DENY it one bit.
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