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I am addicted to coffee like people are addicted to crack.

Support a wonderful and talented man.

In support of Peter S. Beagle, I ask that you go here to learn how to support this wonderful and talented writer, author, and artist. It's a terrible shame that he isn't getting paid for one of the best animated movies made. I'm probably biased, but The Last Unicorn was gorgeous to me as a child and still absolutely stunning to me as an adult. Due to contractual logistics, Mr. Beagle has not had any royalties on this movie for the past 25 years when it was, and still is, his vision and his work. Go here if you want to order the 25th anniversary edition, signed by Mr. Beagle. He will receive half the proceeds of every sale made through that site, which is far less than he deserves, but it's a start.